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Starrgrad Of The Year (2019)

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Graduating from school can impact a person's life in many different ways . Some people go on life making tons on money, whereas some people just want to give back. Then there are rare people people who want to show others that anything is possible.

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing a young lady who graduated from college when all odds where against her. And did it all just to show young girls and boys that a flower can bloom in the dark.

[StarrGradz]: What is your name?

[Tammy]: Tammy!!

[StarrGradz]:How old are you?

[Tammy]: 31

[StarrGradz]: What school did you graduate from?

[Tammy]: California State University, Dominguez Hills

[StarrGradz]: What degree did you receive?

[Tammy]: Bachelors of Art and Sociology

[StarrGradz]: What influenced you to go to school?

[Tammy]: One night, a deceased relative appeared in my dream. He told me that he was mad at me, then ran off. I attempted to follow him, when he stopped at a door. When I opened the door, I was in school. Later when I got out of prison, I couldn't get a job. After that I wanted to kill myself and I spoke with my grandmother because I had been taught that when you want to kill yourself, talk to people who genuinely love you. So after talking to her, she told me that maybe I should go to school because no one would be able to take my education from me. Also it would give me some time for me to seal my cases, which would be in the year 2021.

[StarrGradz]: What was the most challenging part about attending college?

[Tammy]: Knowing if I was going for something I would enjoy in the long run, and in class, giving myself extra time to get my work done on time. I spent a lot of time cramping, but I later found out that I do better when I cram. (laughing)

Also second guessing myself a lot!

[StarrGradz]: The easiest?

[Tammy]: The location, and that was why I picked the school. It only takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to get there on the highway.

[StarrGradz]: Did you make any potential lifetime friends while attending school?

[Tammy]:Yes at the beginning. When I first started going to college. One of my good friends name is Eddie Pow!! (smiling)

[StarrGradz]: Name some major goals you set for set for yourself while going through school.

[Tammy]: To get my masters, so I can feel for filled in my education. Personal goal was to be able to relate to the newer generation, well giving back to the community. I had a chance to take on a major to help give back because of what I've done in my past. This class allowed me to go to different volunteer sites where I had 2 to 3 internships, were I was able to go to different high schools and had a chance to work with the females.

[StarrGradz]: Name your most favorite and least favorite class.

[Tammy]:All the social classes were my favorite, but to be specific, I loved the cultural classes because they would give you a broad different background on different cultural aspects of people around the world. Like absolutely poor in poverty, and you get a wide perspective of other people.

My least favorite class was math!

[StarrGradz]: Any hobbies?

[Tammy]: Traveling....yeah, traveling.

[StarrGradz]: Describe the funniest moment you had while attending college?

[Tammy]: (laughing) Funniest moment? Well every time I do a presentation, in the beginning when I would present, I felt like when people saw me, they saw me naked and in my panties and bra. So I would shake and smile a lot! My first presentation in college I went up second, because I always felt like the first People to go would get a better grade. So I'm standing there shaking, sweating and smiling. I look at the teacher flicking the slides on the screen with the remote, but I'm not reading any of the slides to the class. Well I ended up having to go back a few slides, and everyone in the class thought it was funny! (laughing)

[StarrGradz]: And sad?

[Tammy]: When I received a C as a final grade. The was really disappointing because I have never received a C in college. Just all A's and B's.

[StarrGradz]: What motivated you to push through the hard times?

[Tammy]: Knowing that there was greater purpose in life. And also remembering what I have already been through before going to college, I felt as if I went through it all so I could be able to help someone who is going through the same thing. So that I would be able to speak to and understand someone who may be facing the same challenges that I had to endure.

[StarrGradz]: If you could do anything different, would you change anything?

[Tammy]: I would have changed the school I decided to go to. I would have chosen a HBCU.

[StarrGradz]: Describe the thoughts you had while walking across the stage to receive your degree?

[Tammy]: I was hoping my name would be pronounced correctly! (laughing) But after my name was called I felt glorified and made an accomplishment that i was not suppose to make because I am a X felon, I'm a black woman born in South Central L.A, and I just had a lot of odds going against me. So I felt that I was walking proof that you are capable of reaching your goals no matter your age or the situation you may be facing. I felt like I opened the door for women older or younger around me,, in my neighborhood, or that may know me personally and know my story. I think they feel inspired. I was a win for everyone, not just me, but us a people. For the culture! (laughing)

[StarrGradz]: If you could send your haters a message, what would the message read?

[Tammy]: Thank you!

[StarrGradz]: What would you tell a young boy or girl that may be struggling with finding out there true purpose in life?

[Tammy]: Ask people that know you best, what your best qualities. Are you funny, caring, creative, etc. Sometimes we can not see what other people see. Getting this information can help guide us in the right direction for a better future.

[StarrGradz]: And last but not least, what is your favorite song. Something that helps you push though the day.

[Tammy]: Marvin Sapp- This Is My Testimony and Drake- Legend

[StarrGradz]: Do you have a motto?

[Tammy]: "I'm not a slave"

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