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Custom graduation topper

Connect with me today and you'll be ready to walk the stage in no time! My beautiful designs stick directly to your graduation cap, no glue needed. This page includes information on the different styles I offer. So don't miss out on the fun this year and get your cap designed today!

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                 Digitally Made Adhesive  Topper
These toppers are designed digitally and includes 3 revisions. The finished product will be an exact image of the approved draft on a 9x9 inch water resistant label. On the backside of the design is a paper sheet protecting the strong adhesive that you will reveal when adding it to your cap. Includes a center hole cut for the cap's tassel. Designs start at $85.
                Handmade Adhesive Topper 
Designed with real glitter card stock but has the same adhesive as the digital designs. Includes 3 digital drafts ( digital drafts only resembles the color pattern and design ). Designs start at $100.

Topper Decorations
Single-layer Rhinestone/Pearl Trim - 1 layer of rhinestones or pearls added to the outer trim of the design cost an additional $20. Add 2 more layers of pearls and rhinestones for a total cost of $30.

Totally Blinged Out - Topper is 75-100% completely covered in rhinestones or pearls. Prices start at $200. 35-75% coverage starts at $140. And $30 for 0-35% coverage 

Paper Flowers - I have many different colors and styles to offer with paper flowers. They can be added to any topper style. For a design with paper flowers up and down one side of the topper would cost an addition $35 dollars. $25 for just one corner of the design with paper flowers.

Artificial Flowers -  Our artificial flowers are premade with cotton and sometimes polyester material. They often include rhinestones or pearls in the center of them. These flowers share the same price as the paper flowers mentioned above.

Paper Butterflies - 2 - 3 layer butterflies are handmade and come in a variety of colors and designs. purchase up to 10 butterflies for an additional $30. Buy them individually for $5 each. 1-3 butterflies are free with toppers that have paper or artificial flowers added (upon request.)

Bow - Our bows come in a variety of different colors for an additional $10. $20 if you want it customized with the year, name, etc.. A free bow is included in designs with flowers and trim combined. 


Terms and Conditions

Need a custom design?

1st STEP

Sign up or sign in on our website if you have not already. Communication is key to getting your order processed and out for shipping in a reasonable time.

2nd STEP

Book a time for me to call you.
        or contact me via email

3rd STEP

Make your deposit or full payment. I will send you a link to purchase after you receive your quote.


I will contact you with a digital draft within 3 to 5 days for approval and make any changes if needed. Each purchase includes 3 revisions. After approval, your order will be ready for shipping. 

I will be responsible for paying any remaining fees at this time.

If you purchased a topper with add-ons, you'll receive another picture of the final look.

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