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Starrgrad Of The Year (2020)

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

This year we had the chance to meet a very beautiful smart young lady named Jessica. She has come a long way, staying anyway from all negativity and with the support of her family and her faith in God, she has made it out on top!

Jessica has major goals that she is currently working hard to accomplish.

She is living her fairy tale dream with a very supportive husband and loving daughter! Everything is truly coming together, she even has a little one on the way! Her story is truly beautiful and inspiring!

[StarrGradz]: What is your name?

[Jessica]: Jessica Holmes

[StarrGradz]: How old are you?

[Jessica]: 27

[StarrGradz]: What school did you graduate from?

[Jessica]: University of Memphis

[StarrGradz]: What degree did you receive?

[Jessica]: Journalism

[StarrGradz]: What influenced you to go to school?

[Jessica]: I wanted to inspire people in a world where bad news is the new normal. For example, during the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, I read about a couple who had their wedding at their hometown church. Their original goal was to plan a big wedding but they settled for small church wedding. The beauty in this story is that they were still very grateful to have each other, considering all that had been going on. They realized the importance of enjoying and taking advantage of their time here on earth. This influenced me to create an article about them. I was very proud to put some positive news into world.

[StarrGradz]: What was the most challenging part about attending college?

[Jessica]: Broadcasting in front of the camera. I still need some practice. (Laughing)

[StarrGradz]: Did you make any potential lifetime friends while attending school?

[Jessica]:Not really, I did meet some lifetime networking partners.

[StarrGradz]: Any major goals or big plans?

[Jessica]: To start my own news broadcasting network.

[StarrGradz]: Name your most favorite and least favorite class.

[Jessica]:My favorite class was journalism and my least favorite classes were the ones that had nothing to do with journalism, like math! (laughing)

[StarrGradz]: Any hobbies?

[Jessica]: Omg, I love shopping! Whenever I have extra time I go shopping. I would like to get into gardening.

[StarrGradz]: Describe the funniest moment you had while attending college?

[Jessica]:All the times i froze in front of the camera! (laughing)

[StarrGradz]: Any sad moments?

[Jessica]: Failing my first class.

[StarrGradz]: What motivated you to push through the hard times?

[Jessica: My daughter! My family! Plus I have a little one on the way.

[StarrGradz]: If you could do anything different, would you change anything?

[Jessica]: I would have focused more at the beginning of attending school because I probably would have gotten done way sooner.

[StarrGradz]: Describe the thoughts you had while walking across the stage to receive your degree?

[Jessica]: Well this year we actually graduated online but my school still may be having a ceremony sometime this year.

[StarrGradz]: If you could send your haters a message, what would the message read?

[Jessica]: "I'm praying for you." I tend stray away from negativity. I just put it in God's hands.

[StarrGradz]: What would you tell a young boy or girl that may be struggling with finding out there true purpose in life?

[Jessica]: Stay focused on your academics when young. There the most important!

[StarrGradz]: And last but not least, what is your favorite song. Something that helps you push though the day.

[Jessica]: Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyonce - Savage

[StarrGradz]: What's your motto?

[Jessica]: Never address shade from trees with NO FRUIT!

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